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Dandelion Police Sergeant Nina Markov- is so happy at the moment feeling all giddy inside like a teenage school girl since she met FBI Agent Michael Hanson . Like in life what we want and what life gives us don't alway coincide . She is still hunting down Russian mobster Pavel Ivanovich the person who stole priceless family heirlooms . Nina sets a trap for Pavel but catches his fledgling instead so she concocts a plan in to get him to fall in love with her no matter what so she can use him to get to Pavel. Wow i bet you can guess all the stuff is about to hit the fan . This book i can say is just as good if not better than the first i love the humor,love,drama,thrills, suspense,heartache,trying to keep her word . In this book its loaded down from the first page of this stage of Nina's Story till the last it keeps you either laughing or biting your nails waiting to see what's gonna happen next.I am gonna stop myself here before i give to much away. I give this book a 5 Star great read i believe it is better than the first book both are great reads . Great Job Delia Brendan your one amazingly talented author i cant wait for the next in the series loved it. And here is where i reccomend this as a must own for your library you wont regret it.

Dandelion Police Sergeant Nina Markov has never been happier since meeting FBI Special Agent Michael Hanson. However, a fairy tale ending for the pair doesn’t seem to be in the cards, as time is running out in her quest to find Russian mobster, Pavel Ivanovich—the man who has stolen a priceless family heirloom.

When Nina’s carefully lain trap for him catches his underling instead, she realizes that her only chance is to make him fall in love with her and then use him to reach Pavel.

For a recipe this convoluted, Nina is going to need the assistance of cupcake baker and misguided matchmaker, Pearl Waterman.

In the second book of the Dandelion Romantic Mystery series, Nina has to decide how far she’ll go to keep her promises, retrieve the last connection to her family, and try not to lose the only man she’s ever loved in the process.

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Author Bio:
Delia Brendan was born and raised in Washington state. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has been writing about the adventures of the people in Dandelion, Washington, since 2013.

She is married to writer Sean Brendan Brown and they live in Olympia with a very gray, fat little beagle named Katie

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