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  I have to say that this book really surprised me I knew it was a YR but didn't realize it was a paranormal to I loved it. Between the Characters Dawn, Nate, and Angelo's these teen are wonderful characters i have enjoyed getting to know them.I am doing my best not to give any spoilers away cause i know i can't stand that personally so i am gonna do my best here. In the book you're gonna find love,confusion ,ex girl friend pop up, supernatural (not giving anything else away on that one), Dawn just wants what every girl wants at 16 that is to have a very special day. Wow did she get more than she bargained for she witnesses a serious crime which leaves her with a huge decision to make that could change things for her forever literally . Dawn don't know if she is coming or going. She is so turned around inside she has led a sheltered life she has never had to deal with anything like this never seen a crime, and then enters a mysterious handsome young man Angelo into her life that she feels safe with and can turn to which is odd feeling for her and he is kinda a bad boy type in a way.Dawn is having trouble remembering certain things of the night. Oh and lets not forget Nate the polar opposite of Angelo and dating Dawn.If i keep going i am gonna give too much away but i will leave you with this. Who will Dawn pick? Will the ex cause trouble if she decides to go with Angelo? hmmm this book has so many twist and turns you dont wanna put it down cause you just have to see what happens next Komali da Silva is a new author for me well i can honestly say she diffidently one of my favorites now . I love the way she pulls you into the book with the characters and to me that is proof of a amazing writer and a amazing writer she is. I cant wait to read the next in the series.I give this author and Book a 5 Star.!!!!!!!!!!

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