Tuesday, January 27, 2015


My Review:
Emma Ferro wants nothing more than to except Mason Wolfe as her mate here lies the stand off. Emma is as headstrong as they come and wants Mason to understand he is a grown independant woman who can take care of herself and won't accept him till he does. But there is one problem with that everytime Mason leaves her alone trouble seems to find her. Now about Mason he Loves Emma with all his being and is trying to make her happy but he is in between a rock and a hard place how does he keep her safe if she can't stay out of trouble its like it follows her what does he do he is damned if you do and damned if you don't. He wants to pull his hair but he loves her with all all his heart and soul ,she is his mate aghhhh. This book is a most diffidently a 5 star read and a must have for your library you wont regret it. This book is loaded with one frustrated alpha and one stubborn woman and loads of steaminess and tons of humor this all makes for one amazing book . Milly Taiden your the bomb . This whole series is amazing all of the books can stand on their own but work well together to.


Sassy Mates Book 4 ~ Emma and Mason Emma Ferro wants nothing more than to accept Mason Wolfe’s offer...

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