Friday, April 24, 2015


Two of the most beautiful women inside and out that i have had the pleasure of getting to know.
Alice Brown and Lady V
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Alice Brown
I am a retired military wife and homeschool mom. I have often joked that we started our second life when daughter graduated from school, and then less than a year later hubby retired from military. But the reality is, we did start a new life, because life as we had known it for so many years, went through a drastic change. 

It was about four years ago that my daughter started urging me to write. "You have a great imagination for storytelling!" She insisted. I didn't think so, but decided to give it a try. We spent many hours sitting at our local Wendy's brainstorming the story line for my books. And while she insists I have such a great imagination, she is the one that truly has the gift for writing action scenes and has given me many fantastic ideas to incorporate in my books.

My writing has become a family affair. My husband runs my website; I would have never been able to set it up and have it running smoothly. My daughter helps me keep up with all of the social media, and is now my full time writing partner. It didn't take us very long to realize that we each specialized in different areas, and when put together, we rock! The fact that the family is involved in making my dream come true makes this journey fun. We can be found sitting around the table tossing around ideas for future stories, or how a story can be improved often. 

When not writing, I love to read, and play games with the family. Friday night is family game night. I make homemade pizza and we play cards, board games, or WII tennis and bowling. I have broken at least ten WII tennis rackets from hitting the ceiling fan or furniture. I've even come close to hitting my own daughter! She doesn't think it is very amusing, but still loves to sit on the couch and watch mom and dad at war. 

To learn more about me and my upcoming books, visit my website at or visit my facebook page at

Lady V
I’ve been writing for about four years. My mom was actually the one who going me started writing, convincing me to put my emotions down on paper. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. My life revolves around writing my stories. I love putting myself inside fictional worlds as I create them.
When not writing, I am busy with my dog Shadow who is the light of my life, or my two very spoiled cats. For hobbies I like jogging with my dog, target shooting with my recurve bow, or relaxing with a good movie or book.
Oh, and I live off of a dirt road, off of a dirt road, off a paved road in North Carolina, but please don’t hold that against me.

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