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My Review:

A continuation of Devon and Dante breathtaking story it is a story that 

dig deep inside of you . Devon continue to grow feelings for Dante 

feelings for Devon as well he just didn't think it would be this fast 

and powerful.The book is full of Love, Steam ,Romance,and finding one's 

true self and being ok with themselve and grasping life with both 

hands.Secrets will be revealed, Devon finally get front role view of 

Dante in his atmosphere at his Goth parties, and so much more. You just 

get lost in the story with the character wishing someone would look at 

you with all the love and passion in Dante's eyes that Devon feels.

Sometimes Love Begins this Way
We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a 

love that makes time stop, written in the stars, and 

holds us in her bosom of forever.

girl, every young maiden, or mature woman carries that dream and 

we never speak it.

For if we did our dream would not come into being,


Every girl, young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it. 
For if we did our dream would not come into being, Devon 

Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone' Dante is taking Devon to Venice for 

a romantic three day escape. He is also introducing her to his Goth 

world with two events there in Renaissance Romantic Style Masquerade. 

Does DEVON enter this Goth world and what does Venice bring to her? 

Falling Into Love is something this 344 page Book opens the reader to. 

When love professes itself and declares True Love. Only in the way 

Dante' does romance creates this beautiful seeing in VENEZIA. Devon is 

swept away into a past life they both lived and this love. 

The settings for this book are like a travel log to enjoy, art, 

architecture, history and mystery behind who Dante' really is. What he 

shows her will bring the reader into a deeper 'knowing' of both these 

two and the Goth Venice of the past.

Authors Bio:

I merely WRITE on and have Stories bubbling up in me all the 

My Grandmother was a storyteller too and of English decent.
It is a 'gift' and I explore it copiously through this Art and 

I also LOVE Art, Architecture and Cathedrals, Sacred 

Geometry, Nature, the Saints and Theater. 
I travel now and offer Gatherings with my teaching work on 

the Grid Ley Line energies, Art and also on Ascension of this 

time we are experiencing of the Nature of our LIGHT.

I also OFFER and do BOOK SIGNINGS merely INVITE me and 

set one up.... I have a beautiful grown daughter on her own I LOVE to 

pieces...parental note and smiles
I LOVE animals and riding Dressage. My kitty is a car travel 

with her mistress beautiful companion.
My dogs i have shown and have American and Canadian 

championships on many Old English Sheepdogs which is my 

breed. Now though I FOUND another breed of a darling 

female black Scottie to come into my Life. Love is GOOD
LOVE LIFE better, smiles as my own LOVE Story is writing 

itself now.  
I Adore meeting my Fans of my BOOKS and I merely WRITE 

ON. All my Stories and BOOKS are ORIGINALS by me Roshandra 

Mitchell Simon
Romance Fiction and Eros Psyche Love stories
my Other Books are also created from my counseling work 

and guidance and are 
PRACTICAL Wisdom and KNOWLEDGE and information I 

'teach'... Roshandra, warmly writing on

Eros and Psyche * Love stories


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