Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Amazing Art Work on cover and throughout this Book: all done by R.M. Simone

My Review:

I fell in love with this love story of the past, present and maybe future.You will have to buy the book to understand what i mean . Samantha-Devon and Dante are just tenderhearted almost fairytale that have lots of twist and turns in it.You can most diffidently feel the passion of Roshandra's writing is breathless she pours her heart and soul into her story you can just feel it it is so epic. Yes the book says Gothic in some way it is but not in the way teenagers today define it i am not so sure.I think there is a little dark in all of us we just have to try to keep on the right path and pray to the Lord for his grace and forgiveness the world isn't always black and white there is Grey. This books has Immortals,evil,good, love ,hot sexyness (Dante),Steamy love scenes that make you day dream just if only that could happen to me ? The Passion that Dante pours out for Devon is beyond the Stars. I give this a 5 Star Read it is a must buy in my opinion for your library.   

About the Author:


My life is all around this creativity of writing, teaching, healing, and opening up realms of light for those that are drawn to 'me' and my services along with this creative life i live.

My 'writing' came to me naturally. It just happens to 'FLOW" for me and the dreamy worlds I seem to 'see into'. I discovered in 2008, that a series of four books wrote themselves about a woman that her pathway of spirit opened up for her. Leaving a normal and very happy life for this adventure that drew her into other realms. I finished the books, sat back, and realized it was very much about myself. Writing it I did not realize that as often the 'writer and the story' weave from the author's own experience, imagination, dreams and wishes along with a message that felt it had to be expressed. I work a lot with VISUAL imagery and ART. This opens doors into other realms for myself to share to the reader the story or adventure i am taking them on with 'me'.


  1. Thank you Deborah, truly beautiful REVIEW and so GLAD YOU Loved it and got it In DEPTH.
    Sending you a copy of Gothic Gates Venice, Falling Into Love by r.m.simone NOW..please enjoy and do LIKE and LICK the is where all love stories should go.

    Thank you again dear, many warm smiles, Roshandra, warmly writing on...


    "e book through Amazon"