Sunday, December 14, 2014


My Review
This is one of those book that i am so happy i got to read .Its a wonderful Christmas Story. Jorie Beckett never knew what it was like to celebrate Christmas due to her overbearing mom. She left home and never looked back till the death of her mom. She is returning home hoping to renew her relationship with her family and start life anew . Even if that mean having to celebrate Christmas little parts of her when she was a girl always hoped for a nice Christmas .Now we meet Kyle Koykendall he was Jorie high school sweetheart and always promised to protect her but sometime you mean well but life gets out of our hands and in his eyes he didn't live up to his promise which has made him grumpy ,bitter,and angry man.Jorie bumps into Kyle at the store tries to make somewhat of a conversation he was short with her and grumpy even angry but she can't seem to understand why he is that way she don't blame him. She has decided to move on from her past why can't he? Will the two high school sweetheart be able to put the past behind them and open their hearts and fall in love again and soak in the Holiday season. And try to learn what the true meaning of Christmas is and how wonderful it makes you feel. There is hope for everyone or is there? I am gonna leave you on a cliffhanger on that one you have to buy the book to find out what happens next you wont regret this buy its a must have in your library ohhh there is some seriously spicy scenes in there to.A Great book to pull out and read around the Holiday Season to remind us of how it takes all of us to open up and give love to receive love no matter our past Love can get you through anything. I rate this book a 5-Star read.

Just a little bit more of a Teaser from the book.!!!!!

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