Sunday, November 9, 2014


Tainted Blood (Hell's Belle, #2)Tainted Blood by Karen Greco
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I love a series where you have a kick ass heroine and hot men to back her up sorry it took a bit to leave the review on this one i went back and bought the first one in series but this can be a standalone book.Poor Nina -works for a private paranormal group for the government when i say private i mean private every-time she turns her head something else has gone wrong she has to try to fix .Nina is half owner of a bar with her aunt oh and i forgot to tell you she is half vamp and half witch which the two races cant stand each other. Now the male characters of the book well my favorite shall i say would have to be Max which is a Federal Agent(FBI) that a demon turns him into a Beserker to find out what that is your gonna have to buy the book to find out what that is.
Then you have Frankie which is Nina's best friend which happens to be one of the oldest vamps they are partners in the agency but could possible more .Both men are hot as Hades and both crush on Nina and along with dealing with that she had to deal with tainted blood that's out on the streets that kills vamps Nina has to find a cure Frankie has caught it .She also has a demon for a uncle oh ladies and gentle this is just the tip of the iceberg oh i could write a whole story on her aunt Babe is is just as kick as as Nina she is a with one of best out there i love her character and we have Al a witch that everyone thought was just a ole drunk.This book is so action packed from the beginning to the end its just WOW ! Its rare i say that about a book that's how bowled over i am by Karen Greco she is one amazing writer i cant wait till the next book comes out i would give this book 10 Stars if i could most diffidently a must by. .

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