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My Review
I absolutely loved this book from the first page till end and hoping there was more. Brienna Morgan and Kade McBride went to high school together Brienna was the girl with a little extra weight and Kade was the All American Boy captain of the football team and all. Kade noticed Brianna in school and actually tried to befriend her many times but Brianna was so withdrawn because of all of Kade's friend made fun of her so she stayed to herself  and wouldn't trust Kade enough to believe he was honestly trying to be her friend. Brienna now a skinny grown woman who is still embarrassed of her body , she thinks her boobs are too big and she is too curvy so she is always on a diet . Brieanna owns her own business as a Event Planner. Kade is still hot as sin and buff body and has decided he will never settle down. Kade sees a beautiful woman from across the room at the High School reunion and is determined he is gonna have her in his bed she looks so familiar to him. He strides right up to Brienna as she is signing in and starts to put the moves on her she tries to hide her name tag but he sees the name and all the high school memories come flooding back to him and says i remember you well Brienna plays it off as if she don't remember him and he just cant figure out why he was always nice to her and was attracted to her he doesn't realize she always thought he believed her a charity case or was trying to make fun of her. Brienna has had so many steamy hot wet dreams about Kade she never got over her infatuation with him .Kade is determined he isn't letting her get away (a little hint 
here he is a Dom who is part owner in a club with his brothers and knows how to get people to do what he wants just by words and can read a person very well) Brienna is doing her best to get away from Kade but yet wants to stay right where he is he finally gets her to agree to a dance.They dance and he is doing his best to jog her memory of who he is to her but she is still playing as if she don't remember him that he must have the wrong girl. Brienna has decided she has had all the reunion she could take and is ready to leave she thought she would waltz into the room and hold her head high and show all the people who shunned her in high school just how good she looks now but realize all the reunion is doing is bringing Brienna back to her former self in her mind she has to get out of there. Kade is sticking to her like glue he let her get away once he wont do it again and is still baffled by why she is pretending she don't remember him. She tells him she is leaving and he is determined to walk her out to hail a taxi ever playing the gentleman card she tells him he can't come home with her he says i know i am just making sure your getting home safely well when the cab gets there he opens the door and she thanks him and slides into the car thinking finally she is in the clear well boy is she wrong he slides into the cab with her telling her he is only making sure she gets home safely he sure has thrown her a curve ball well on the ride to her apartment he gets Brienna to talk a little bit and starts to realize she is is very self conscious about her body and lacks confidence he can fix that and is determined to do so well she gets to her place tells Kade he can leave now he tell her ok  and tells how beautiful she is and it was great seeing her again they say their goodbyes. Brienna thought she had dodged a bullet and she won't have to see Kade again boy how naive she is. Her phone rings and its him she is thinking how did he get her number and tells her he will be by Sunday to take her to brunch she tries to back out but the won't let her so Sunday its a date and she is gonna set him straight.I can just keep going on about this book and i haven't even got to the hot hot hot parts yet but ill save that for you to read when you buy this book i most 
definitely give this a 5 star read i couldn't put it down i cant wait till the next book comes out I will most definitely be buying it for my library this is one series i don't wanna miss and i am certain you wouldn't want to either .Sorry guys for such a teaser i kept the review clean so now you will have to buy the book to get all the 

extremely hot steamy parts i left out. I will leave you with this question can Kade teach Brienna to love herself and push her boundaries show her thing she is into and didn't even realize? sizzleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Hers to Own
The Vault Series
The McBride Men: Kade
Contemporary Erotic Romance


Anne Lange

Published by Etopia Press
Word Count:  ~82,700  words
Heat Level:  Hot
Warning: Contains sexually explicit language, and elements of BDSM, specifically spanking, light bondage, voyeurism, wax, flogger and whip play.  For an mature audience 18 years and older.
ISBN: 978-1-941692-30-1

Release Date: November 7, 2014

He’ll teach her to love her body…one spanking at a time.
Brienna Morgan has worked hard to look good. Ten years ago she stuck to the shadows, watching the popular kids, wishing she could be one of them. But when they weren’t calling her cruel names, nobody noticed the smart overweight girl with the glasses.
So when she braves her high school reunion and runs into Kade McBride, the boy she loved from afar, the last thing she wants is for him to remember her. It’s bad enough she still sees that girl every time she looks in the mirror. But Kade does remember—and he makes it impossible for Brie to refuse to go out with him. She’s not convinced it’s a good idea, but she can’t pass up the opportunity to be part of the in crowd.
Kade had no desire to go to his high school reunion. As far as he’s concerned, he’d rather forget those days. Especially the day he screwed up and left his best friend to pay the ultimate price. But when he sees the gorgeous woman enter the gym, he’s immediately drawn to her. Regardless of her claims that she’s not the girl he thinks he remembers, Kade realizes maybe he’s been given a second chance to right at least one wrong from his past. And he’s determined not to throw this opportunity away, even if he has to tie Brienna to a spanking bench to prove his point.

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Author Bio
Shoes are her addiction, but books are her passion.  Anne Lange grew up with a love for reading. If you take a close look, she’s got either a book, her Kindle or her Kobo—maybe all three—tucked into her bag or a pocket when she leaves the house. You know, just in case there’s time to sneak in a chapter or ten.  Anne reads many genres of romance, but prefers to write sexy stories, often with a dash of humor, and usually with a side of those sinful pleasures your mom never told you about.

Oh, and always a happily ever after.

While embarking on this wild journey of becoming a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. Not always successfully. Who needs a clean house every day?  And what’s wrong with cereal for dinner? She lives in Ontario, Canada with her wonderfully supportive husband, three awesome kids who are growing up way too fast, and Rocky the bearded dragon.

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