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My Review

This series for me is most diffidently a 5 Star read. You have college kids going in together to lease a Vacation Home so you can only imagine what steamy stories these walls can tell. I just love Sabrina York she is a amazing author you cant go wrong with anything of hers you read always plenty of great story-line and Steaminess and Hotttttttttness . A little bit about the first books characters you have Curvy Kristi who has always had a thing for Sweet Hot Love-able Cam but never thought she was good enough for him and that she wasn't his type goes to show if you don't put yourself out there you will never know. Cam starts putting the moves on Kristi she is just in awee thinking can this really be true . Cam is a adorable character he is sexy,funny,lovable,and hot for Kristi,he even has some cave man antics in him it just makes him even sexier and hotter. I would recommend to anyone to add this series to their library you cant go wrong you will love it as much as i do i believe.


He tossed out a card.
She wrinkled her nose—damn, she was cute when she wrinkled her nose. “Really, Cam?”
“Huh? What?”
“That’s your lead? The queen of spades?”
“Are you trying to shoot the moon? Because I already took a point.”
“Just play.” She shook her head and underplayed the queen. He ate a whopping thirteen points. And then he led with the jack of diamonds. She took it with her ace and then went on to win the hand.
He really wasn’t paying attention. He was busy planning his assault. If he lost the game, he got to kiss her. And he wanted to kiss her. In fact, the desire, the need to orchestrate the entire clinch bubbled deep in his gut.
He dealt again, trying not to glance at the clock. This should be the last hand if he played his cards right. Or wrong, as the case may be.
And yes. She won. Easily. In fact, she spanked him.
Although he didn’t let his mind linger on that image. It was far too distracting.
Instead, he leaped to his feet so quickly his chair toppled over. He ignored it—and her little ‘eep’—and came around the table in a rush to yank her into his arms and…yes! Yes. The feel of her, molded against him, was delicious. He’d known it would be.
The scent of her shampoo, or her perfume, or just Kristi, enticed him. He drew it in, savoring the moment, the knife’s edge of intense anticipation.
“You won,” he murmured, gazing down into her wide hazel eyes. “Now I have to kiss you.”
Her lashes fluttered. Her lips pursed. She wiggled a little against him and his cock stirred. “You have to? Well, isn’t that just—”
She didn’t finish. Whatever she’d been about to say never made it out of her mouth because he took her then. He dipped his head and settled his lips over hers and ate the words, consumed them. A thrill shot through his solar plexus at the contact. Warm, supple, sweet. Fragrant.
He surprised her by diving in like that. She went a little stiff, but it didn’t take long for her to relax and respond.
And hell. Did she respond. Did she ever.
The kiss, which he’d intended to be slow and provocative, quickly raged into something else altogether. And when she uttered a throaty moan and her tongue peeped out to touch his, he nearly lost his mind.
He changed the angle of his head and deepened the kiss, holding her in place with one hand to her chin. The other roved.
God, she was amazing. He drew his palm over the flare of her hips. It dipped in at her waist and then rose up her ribcage. He nearly passed out when he skimmed the underside of her breast. Nearly passed out because all the blood in his brain shot straight to his cock. His whole body thrummed with every beat of his heart.
He cupped her and she made another charming little noise. When he scraped a thumb over her nipple, she whimpered.
He longed to suck it. Draw it into his mouth and nibble and nip. Make her thrash.
He lifted her up onto the table and when she started to protest, he shifted his attention to her neck, nuzzling her there, right behind her earlobe. She gasped and garbled a word that might have been “more” and dug her nails into his shoulders.
He loved that as he drew her higher, teased her to a fever pitch, her responses became like his—feral.
He’d known she’d be like this in her passion. Wild. Unrestrained. Demanding. He loved it. Fucking loved it…but he wanted, needed, more.
He fumbled with the buttons on her blouse.
His euphoria tumbled into the dark abyss when she stopped him. He pulled back to look at her, although pulling back was the last damned thing he wanted right now. Fortunately, a tiny chunk of his brain was still functioning. It reminded him he’d been raised to be a gentleman.
He could go for the jugular again. He could renew his attack on the sensitive spot he’d found, the one at the base of her neck that made her warble and squirm and arch into his cock with a mind-bending pressure. He could make her forget whatever stupid objection she was about to present.
But he wanted more than a mindless fuck with Kristi.
He wanted a lot more.
“What is it?” he asked. And damn, his voice was rough. He barely got the words out.
“You–you said one kiss.”
“I wasn’t done yet.”


5 little known facts about Sabrina York
1. I once rode on a camel and climbed up inside the Great Pyramid of Giza
2. The first book I finished was an epic fantasy of one hundred and seventy thousand words. It did not get published.
3. I moved 19 times before I graduated from high school.
4. My hair started turning silver when I was 18 years old.
5. I am directly descended from Mary Queen of Scots. Hence the fascination with hot Highlanders.

Last five Google searches

1. 1813 map of Caithness County, Scotland.
2. Etemology ( numerous searches, and necessary when writing historical romance )
3. Did they have bacon in Regency period Scotland?
4. What do Highlanders wear under their kilts?
5. How many carbs are there in a shot of gin?

5 questions I wish people would ask me...
It would be much easier to list 5 questions I wish people would stop asking me, but here are some questions that would be fun to answer.

1. What was the first thing you did after you won the lottery? (Not that I've won the lottery but I would love for there to be a reason for people to ask.)
2. Would you like another slice of bacon?
3. Explain your interpretation of the space-time continuum and how you feel it affects the relative connectivity of the universe. (Love to talk about esoteric shit like that)
4. Who REALLY let the dogs out?
5. What inspires you most when you hit a writing wall? ( the answer to this question of course is my readers. I do it all for them )

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