Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Riding Lessons ~By~ Allie K. Adams

I was honored to get a ARC in return for my honest review so here it is. Yet again Allie has knocked it out of the stratosphere with this series i absolutely am hooked already. I couldn't put it down once i started on the first page till the last word on the last page. Here is a little bit about the book. We meet Skye Masters - A spitfire of a woman who can handle her own that is losing her ranch that her father left her but forgot to tell her what he had to do to keep the ranch going. Caleb Olsen the foreman of the ranch and a Dom who belongs to a very private elite traveling club each member host a party in different places when it's their turn to host. And we have Trent Harris a ranch hand who considers himself part of the family he grew up with Skye. Both men have the hots for Skye, Caleb keeps his feelings a secret from Skye where Trent wheres his feelings on his sleeve and Skye sure knows how to work that to her advantage. Caleb comes up with a plan that he will teach Trent how to get Skye under control if they can make it a permanent mfm relationship. Boy do they have their work cut out for them and trying to save the ranch at the same time. Caleb believes there just may be away to accomplish both if he can get Trent and Skye on board with the plan? Ok i better stop there before i give any spoilers away this book is most definitely a must own for your own library and all the books that follow in this series. Here is a little bit of a tease you will see some of Allie's characters from some of her other amazing series. I give this new book a 5 Star would rate it higher if i could.

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