Sunday, February 1, 2015

Awesome Author Gladys Quintal

This month, The Hapless Harlot will be released on the 22nd (my daughter Bella's birthday). I have the wrap being done now and am beyond excited wondering what magic Erin Dameron-Hill will perform with the paperback cover grin emoticon
February prizes for sharers will be:
*2xpaperback copies of The Hapless Harlot
*Signed The Hapless Harlot and Formerly Me bookmarks and pens to match
*1x$20 eGift card
So there will be 4 prizes this month smile emoticon As usual, winners will be chosen via random dot org from the sharer's list below at the end of the month. Let me know if I forget to tag you.
Niki and Brenda, I will be sending your swag from the "Name My Characters" comp this week. Still writing Formerly Me, but once it is all done I will be sending Niki's signed paperback too. And Lupe, I should be able to get that paperback copy of The Hapless Harlot out to you soon heart emoticon
Sharers so far for Feb include:
1) Karlee
2) Bobbi
3) Ann-Marie
4) Michelle
5) Nicole
6) Hayley
7) Tanya
8) Sherry
9) Brenda
10) Jennifer D
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